About me.


First, what is a blog without introducing yourself.

Where should I start?

I guess I should start by telling you my name.

My name is Mary. I am a book gathering, reading machine. Reading is basically my entire life. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be living. Living between pages is what I do best. My best friends are fictional characters. I run a book blog on Tumblr and i also have a good reads account. I plan to use this blog as a book reviewing platform and maybe some extra special things if i’m asked to or if i feel like it. (Weddings, politics, DIY, and anything possibly teen/ adult related.)

Finishing school I will be going to college to major in Journalism. So I decided, why not start a blog since I will have to in the future. With that being a giant reason, another one is I want to start receiving ARC’s  by publishers.

Enough about reading. Lets focus on some other facts.

  • I love the color pink
  • I am obsessed with Ugg boots
  • I’m that typical white girl only with very strong nerdy side.
  • I am in a fantastic relationship. Been with him for 2 fantastic years.
  • I run a Tumblr. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/abook-liophile
  • Im always thinking about making a Youtube but I’m really derpy and I don’t know how to use editing software. So I stick to writing.
  • I love to research on topics and write about the topic. So if any of you want a topic ( Has to be appropriate ) written about, write me.
  • I’m a summer baby. Thank god. because I cant deal with winter. Snow and cold in general is the bane of my existence.