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Fire with Fire and Ashes to Ashes by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Finishing this series kinda left me floored. Or rather like my heart was ripped out of my chest, set on a silver platter. In the second book the authors introduce a plot twist that was kinda tossed up to me. But in the third book I do believe that the plot twist set up a well done action packed ending to the series. Sadly this series didn’t leave me wanting more like all of Jenny Hans other books but Its definitely worth a read.


In the second book I was horribly confused about what the heck was up with Mary. She was doing crazy magical stuff. I was thoroughly confused on what the authors were trying to show and then they wrote a whole scene with Reeve, Reeves truck, and Rennie. That was when I finally understood what was going on. Her obsession with Reeve is quite disgusting. What she wants to do to him sends chills down my spines and makes my stomach tumble uncontrollably. I loved her character throughout the entire series. In the third book that’s when I became so uncontrollably angry at her. There were so many times I had to set down the book and breathe because her character made me so angry. So angry to the point where I had to refrain myself from throwing my book across my house. By the end of the third book I was so happy she left. She left and then everybody could finally get some peace. Lillia also said at the end that she hopes that Mary did get some peace.

Lillia is a fantastic character. Shes one of those characters that really got thrown around and had to be pushed out of her comfort zone the entire trilogy. Lillia was always trying to take care of everyone and make sure no one fell apart. But after what happens to Rennie everything spirals out of control. After that, Mary just makes everything worse for everybody trying to get her revenge all by herself. Not only did Mary completely ruin a lot of peoples lives she ruined Lillias love life as well. Lillia loved Reeve. Reeve has also had a thing for Lillia since they were younger. With Lillia being aware of what he did to Mary, Mary becomes horribly vulgar to Lillia. She believed that Lillia was betraying her, but all the while Lillia was always seeing a different side of him. She saw a side of Reeve that Mary didn’t. Reeve did feel bad for what he did to Mary. It ate at him everyday. Yet Mary only saw him as a monster. A murderer.

Kat was a rebellious, fun character. She is the one who came up with the whole revenge setting in the beginning. Her whole life is kinda messed up. Her mother died from cancer, she lost all her friends, put on a mask to hide any emotion, and started using drugs, alcohol, and became sexually active. Her plan for revenge was a unknowingly good way for her to come out of her shell. In the first book shes really focused on one thing and wasn’t really focused on making friends. As the series goes on she becomes dependent on Lillia and Mary. She saw them as her best friends. Also she becomes more active with the people she goes to school with. She always had a plan to go forward and to get off Jar Island. In the end..she really does.

Jar island was a beautiful, magical place in the first book. But in the second and third book it becomes dark, scary, and questioning. I had a hard time seeing what was going to come next. I was never able to predict what was going to happen. By the end of the almost feels like the island will never be that beautiful, summer fun island again. It feels like it will always be a place of mourning and bad memories.

I give this series so much credit. It was a fast pace trilogy and definitely something I will reread again. There was some scenes that I would tear up but not physically cry. I laughed a lot and became obviously very angry. I thought this was a very gripping read because of so many emotions. Only thing I would change is maybe Lillia finally gets together with Reeve or Alex in the final chapter. Overall I give this book a five out of five stars. I encourage anyone to read them.


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