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Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Sioban Vivian, Review

First everyone needs to know about how much I love Jenny Han. Iv loved all of her books. She has a wonderful writing style. Her characters and her worlds are just incredible. One day I was going through the my Tumblr and I stumbled across the Burn for Burn series. Seeing Jenny Han’s name on the cover I immediately went to Barnes and Nobles website and ordered them. Ever since I read “The Summer I Turned Pretty” trilogy I have not been able to let that story go. Finishing this book made me have some closure. As I am currently reading the second book, I can say the story gets even better.

This story is about three teenage girls by the names of Kat, Mary, & Lillia. They all have some type of revenge they want to set upon on certain people. The schemes the girls come up with are so tactical. They think everything through before they do it. With the three of them being on totally different social levels in high school, they cant be seen communicating with each other in public. With the pranks and revengeful plots, friendships are broken, old friends are reunited, and new friendships are formed. In this book alone, there is so much treachery, deception, and lies.

Jar Island is definitely going to be a setting I will end up thinking about as much as I did with the Summer House in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” trilogy. The authors made the island a real place. With the three girls being on different social levels of high school, they all have different economic statuses. Lillia, along with her cheer squad and most of the football team are all in the upper class. While Kat and Mary are sitting somewhere in the middle. Jar island sounds so beautiful. The beach, the houses, even the school sounds unbelievably gorgeous. I love how in the summer everything seems so alive and wild, while in the winter and fall everything settles down and isn’t as lively.

Just opening this book I became so emotionally invested. Whenever something intense happened i ended up with so many feelings it’s indescribable. There was two scenes in this book that really stuck out to me and probably anyone else who has read this series. First there was what happened between Reeve and Mary. Reeve is such a two faced person. I cannot describe how much of a low life he is. What he did to Mary was absolutely terrible. Not only did it hurt her, but it permanently scared her. When she comes back to Jar Island in seek of closure all she gets its more pain. Becoming friends with Lillia and Kat is her only way to get back at Reeve secretly. Along with Marys character theres these weird scenes that happen with her. She has some kind of power(????) I believe. I don’t know why this was added in but i’m hoping somewhere in the series that it explains why she has them. Secondly theres the prom scene. I cant say much without totally giving away alot of spoilers. But lets just say it was a catastrophe. This scene sets up alot about what happens in the second book.

In the end this book has made its way up to the top of my favorite books list. Typically anything Jenny Han related is already at the top of my list. She is such a wonderful writer , even if she is co-writing with Siobhan Vivian. This book made me laugh, and literally gasp and yell “No no no. No way” so many times. Personally, I had a lot of fun reading this book. I give this book a 5 Star rating! I seriously recommend this book to anyone who loves a good revenge story.

Just keep reading…./Abookliophile.




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