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Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira, Review

I wish I could understand the praise that was given to this book. The blurbs on the back seemed to mislead me. Reading them I felt that this book was going to be truly magnificent, but in the end..its probably one of the worst books I have ever read. I do see what the author was trying to get across and I applaud her. But this book seemed to have no portrayal of emotion.

In my opinion the story line was written to fast. It felt as if the book was always doing something and not giving any explanation. If it happened to have an explanation for a feeling it was a few sentences, but even then I felt as though the feelings weren’t real. The emotions that were suppose to be expressed were not there. It made the book bland, boring, and unappealing.

A few of the relationships inside the book just seemed to be a mess. First we will start off with the relationship of Laurel towards herself. Being the main character, you would think I would love her, yet in all honesty I thought she was awful. For what I believe is a coming of age story, it wasn’t a very good one. The author jumped right into it. There was no shying away from it, no fear, no worrying, nothing. Laurel jumped right in. I understand that she was trying to act or be like her sister, May, or even understand her. But any person would be slightly nervous to try something like sneaking out, drinking, or even partying.

Next we have the relationship with Sky. Sky was an alright character. He seemed to just be placed in the book just so there can be a love story. The story would have been fine without him in the book. I did not enjoy his character. Thirdly there is Natalie and Hannah’s relationship. (SPOILER!!!!!!!) I am very happy that there is a support of Bi-sexual relationships in this book. I don’t typically run into books everyday with those kind of relationships and it makes me happy to run across one. Even though I did truly appreciate the author adding that to the story line…it just did not come off as anything truly romantic.

Lastly there’s the relationships between Laurel & and her mother and father. Laurels mom running to California was really upsetting to the main character. But to me, as the reader, I was angry. Laurels mom made everything worse. She made laurel believe everything was her fault after what happened to May. Yet STILL I didn’t feel anything towards her mother or even the general plot. I didn’t feel anything towards the father either. The grieving that goes through this book is just awful. Especially when I had no feelings of emotion what so ever.

The revealing of what happened to May was just atrocious. I actually sat in my bed and wondered what I had just read. Not because of what happened and I was taken back but because I read over half the book to have some description that I was left saying..”That was it?”. The explanation was written way to simple. It needed more thought, more feeling, more emphasis or description of what happened.

I do give some praise to the small amount of description that was written. The small amount made me visualize some of the setting and characters but the rest I was left to imagine myself..which is something new. Unfortunately this book was so bad to me that i was actually excited to finish it just so i could say i pushed myself through it. Nothing ever stood out to me. It was like eating the same food for the rest of your life. I’m angry this book wasn’t as good as everyone was saying it was. Getting a quarter of the way through my hope was getting caught in the wind and being ripped out of my hands. I really cant say i’d recommend this book to anyone.

Overall rating…

2 stars.


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