Ignite Me Review


     Where to start with this book. Lets begin with how much of a plot twist this book was. Tahereh Mafi flipped the story upside down & inside out. There was a different take on the love story that I had to adjust to as much as the main character, Juliette, did. This book made me feel so much more emotional than the first and second. I actually felt like throwing the book across the room & I wanted to crying. All the while I was laughing at some of the dialogue written.

Let me be real for a second and say that Kenji is perfection. I love the way his character was set up and built. He is that sexy, comical guy that you could possibly run into at a football game. His character made me laugh so much and it really set up some of scenes. Kenji is Juliettes best friend, so his perception on things changes her view point. His acceptance and continuous belief in Juliette and the rest of the Omega Point survivors suggests hes strong, thorough, and a leader. Through out the book hes helping others become aware of their abilities. Although Juliette runs the pack, I don’t think she would be where she was if it wasn’t for Kenji, Castle, or Warner.

The male characters in the books really create an image of how much Juliette changes. At the start of the book Juliette is in Sector 45 with Warner. Warner begins to tell her many things about what he has done and why he had or does them. Her perspective changes on who he is and how she feels about him. With Adam, Adam becomes cruel and unloving towards Juliette once he figures out where she has been and how she ends up defending Warner. Castle is a broken man in this book. He mourns his loses of his Omega Point people and home. But as the story goes on he becomes a soldier to Juliette. His acceptance and presence next to Juliette makes her feel stronger. She wants to live up to his expectations he holds for her. Because he failed when he held power, Castle wants Juliette to come of power and run an excellent rebellion and take down the Reestablishment

With war going on, and Omega point only having 9 survivors, Juliette decides to run a resistance team by herself. She gathers the rest of Omega point (Including Adam ) and teams up with Warner. Once the Commander hears about this rebellion, and the soldiers of Sector 45 joining Juliette, he comes back to the sector  with intentions of ending this rebellion for a second time.

With the loss of a family member and the acceptance of new ones, Warner is angry, sad, and relieved. Everyone hated Warner because he acted so cruel and inhumane but as he goes through the books everyone becomes aware of his emotions. Hes no longer a static character in this book. He is rounded and shaped up to be able to express his emotions in front of anyone.

I feel this book kinda ended abruptly. I kinda want to know what happens after. Like what happens to all the characters. What happens to the world. I wish there was a fourth book to explain this to me but there’s not and i’m kinda having problems with it. All in all these books were worth a read. I do recommend this book to anyone who loves a good plot twist. Im glad I picked this series up. I don’t know if I will re-read them anytime soon but I think I will in the future. I dont really have an emotional attachment to any of the characters, except for Kenji. Kenji is my all time favorite character throughout this series.

For my rating of this book:

4 stars.

Rating of the entire series:

3.5. Pretty close to a 4 but because of my lack of much emotion towards these books as a whole …I cant give it a 4. I wish there was more for me.

Happy reading!



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