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Shatter me & Unravel Me Review

Iv seen so many photos float around on Tumblr of this series and I was dying to know what everyone seemed be raving about. There’s a weird intensity that flows throughout the first and second book. While im currently reading the third, I can say I do see alot of the same writing style. All through the books I noticed a lot of metaphors and poetic writing. I believe that’s what sets off alot of the emotional background toward the characters, plot line, and general theme.

Juliette Ferrars is a unique character. Her entire background is horrific. An unnatural ability that she obtains has caused her to get use the feeling of hatred, and confusion. Juliette trys to teach herself to overcome her mentality of consistent torture since young adolenscence. Iv taken notice that she is mostly internal. Internally metaphorical, if you will. Whenever she feels an emotion the author, Taherah Mafi, writes the feeling as a real thing. Fire seems to be one of the most used metaphorical explanations through the story and written as the way Juliette feels mentally and physically.

Warner, Aaron Warner, is a strong, manipulative, angry, possessive, gorgeous,  young man. With his past just as terrible as Juliettes, the two understand each other on a mental level. Warners father, Supreme Commander Anderson, was extremely abusive and angry. He  was only interesting in teaching Warner how to kill and become just as powerful. When Warner comes of power, people are scared of him because of his lack of empathy and emotion when he decides to kill someone. Throughout the books Warner begins to fall for Juliette. Because of this, his views on war shift.

Following one of the themes, good vs. evil, i’d like to compare the setting. In Shatter me, Juliette is stuck inside of the Reestablishment building after she is brought out from isolationism. The Reestablishment is a form of “new government” that is not afraid of killing anyone. People who pose as a threat or even break one simple rule is subjected to death. The plan is to get rid of all cultures around the world. They want to start fresh. Burning books, & buildings. Getting rid of languages and anything standing as a cultural norm. This is a perfect clarification to show how corrupt the new government is. As the books go on the Reestablishment is getting angry because the people are joining a large resistance group that hold powerful people with dominant abilities.

Omega point is a resistance group that is willing to take anyone who is willing to help fight against the reestablishment or anyone that has an ability. They even accept Warner. Omega is ran by a man named Castle. Castle is a very tactical person who believes in trust and honestly. When castle learns that Warner obtains abilities, he wants Warner to join the resistance. Unfortunately Warner decides to sit on both sides. He helps the resistance by telling them their will be war in a few days but then he runs away and gives away vital information to the Reestablishment. Through the war, Omega and its people try to gather as many people as they can. They don’t want their innocent people going through anymore devastation.

All together these books didn’t make me feel very much emotion but it did leave me wanting to read more. At some points the books got really intense and kept me turning pages. I felt a lot of adrenaline and butterflies as I read. I dove right into these two books. At some points I got exactly what i wanted and others I was left wondering what the heck did I just read. Unfortunately Unravel Me didn’t exactly end how I thought it would but it was an alright way for the author to wrap it up. I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys characters that are trying to learn who they are, enjoys war, and love triangles.

My overall rating:

3.75 stars. I was so close to giving it a four out of five. But it didn’t quite hit what I wanted. Hopefully Ignite me will change my mind.


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