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Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy, Review

This review has little to none spoilery for those who have not read the trilogy.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy will be a trilogy I will always remember. Whatever I did I could not set down these books. The author, Jenny Han, could not be a better writer. She is one of those authors that could give me her shopping list and I would rave over it. For a long time, I was told to read these books. Seeing this bind-up on sale, I took a hold of the opportunity and i’m so glad I did.

Lets start off with the characters. My feelings toward the characters in these books are incredibly strong. Jeremiah Fisher was my most favorite character. He has such a great, humorous personality. I feel that Jenny attempted to portray him as a real person and succeeded. He showed so much love and compassion for everyone. Jeremiah seemed to be one of those sweet, nerdy guys that not everyone would fall in love with. But once you get to know him you begin to take notice of all the things you were missing out on.

Not only was Jeremiah goofy, he was written as a person that was always the one being left out in comparison to his older brother, Conrad. Mr. Fisher, Jeremiahs father, never takes notice of Jeremiah as much as he does to Conrad. Susannah, the Fisher boys mother, loved both of her sons equally but also had a softer side for Conrad.

Conrad was always the one to get hurt in the long run. After an unexpected death in the family, Conrad becomes aware of his feelings towards his father and quits everything he worked for to get away from the person his dad was forcing him to become. Conrad was the support beam through out the entire trilogy. He always felt he had to stay strong, not say anything, and just stay out of everyone’s way to not cause anymore trouble inside his family. He had to watch his life be almost tossed away to protect something he loved. He was willing to let someone have what he always wanted so they can be happy. Conrad made a huge impact on how the main character, Belly, was written.

Belly, as whiny as she seemed, is a incredible character. She was an open book. Belly was always trying to fit in with her brother, Steven, and the Fisher boys. She was singled out much more than jeremiah because she was the only girl who was at the summer house other than her mother, Laurel, and the boys mother, Susannah. As the story goes on, the entire book changes with Belly. From happiness, to anger, sadness, and grief, Belly always set off a strong imagery for the reader. Jenny Han made sure to have Belly connect with a reader on an emotional level. Ill be first to tell you that i was completely engaged whenever I began to read.

Reading this was such a wonderful adventure. It was like being dipped inside of a warm tub after being outside in the cold all day. This trilogy struck a soft spot in my heart and caused so many feelings. At some points the book itself was very blunt and Belly was very childish but..that’s what made this whole book come to life. I am so emotionally attached to these characters that I catch myself thinking about them as if they are real people. At times i felt as if I might run into Conrad turning a corner on a street, Or see Jeremiah drive past me, and/or possibly catch Belly at the supermarket.

The most eventful setting throughout the books was the summer house. Whenever Jenny wrote about the characters going away from the summer house, I was always hoping they would all go back. The summer house became apart of me just as much as it was apart of the characters in the book. All my favorite scenes took place at the summer house.

Although it didn’t end exactly how I wanted it, I closed the book in tears. Finishing these books was so hard for me. I wish there was more. Every single page was written perfectly and so deliciously. Jenny Han now and will forever be at the top of my favorite authors list along with this series. I will never forget this trilogy. This story felt so real to me and the words seemed so intricately placed in order to show so much feeling. The world is gorgeous and described realistically to the world we live in. What more can you get with such a lovely book. If I could fangirl over this book more I would, but unfortunately I would spoil the entire book.

As for my recommendations, I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good contemporary novel.
For my rating
5 stars. Five beautiful stars. And one extra to Susannah.


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